Thursday, February 23, 2012

Back to my roots

Since leaving Nashville, I've realized how much I've taken my city for granted. I grew up around amazing musicians, a culture of politeness, sweet tea, and good 'ole boys.

But in high school I thought these good 'ole boys, or "rednecks", were annoying with their loud trucks and confederate flags raised proud. They blasted their tapes of, not Cash or Wagner, but George Strait and Kenny Chesney. Post 1994 (at least in my middle school mind), I felt as though country music lost its roots, as if the sons and daughters of bluegrass lost their hillside edge and welcomed in all those who were seeking. The music became accessible and too accessible for this 12-year-old's taste.

But not many people know I grew up on this stuff. Unfortunately, I could have been caught falling asleep to CMT's Dance Club: Live at the Ryman. I do hate to admit it, but I was the girl who really did think true love could happen at 14 like John Micheal Montgomery told her. (Who by the way I met at Vince Gill's golf tournament when I worked as a cart girl at the Golf Club of Tennessee - dream come true). I wanted to someday be line dancing with the greats on that wood floor.

I had the joy of re-visiting some of those roots with weekend with a few great gals.

photo by Jennifer Joy Jameson:

Monday, February 13, 2012

in lieu of Valenstine's Day

I've picked up this book again.

"Love is thus, the soul's dynamic attempt to achieve oneness with the source of its being"

God is love and it makes sense that we are seeking, searching for that connectedness with him once more. It gets me right in the heart. Figuratively speaking. We are made in the image of God... in the image of LOVE! Does that mean we are love as well? Because it's around us like an aura, not just in our hearts. Haven't you ever felt it all over? That feeling that makes you want to quote Tom Cruise. That you are complete. I'm exploring to find out what this all means. But it makes so much sense that we would seek it, and find it in other people. That is why God gave woman to man. It's beautiful, it's perfect.

Oh, and this year, I've chosen not to be bitter. So, to all of you love birds out there... ENJOY! :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

We live in a magical place

What I love most about these sounds is that I have visited all of these places. I can't wait to hear more...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

For an insomniac,

there is no such thing as a good night.

Every evening –

even if it eventually, mercifully comes to an end – is shredded by anxiety. To reach sleep the insomniac must first pass through