Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jonathan Safran Foer

I feel like I've known this guy for years, but the truth is, I've only recently gotten into his writing. I think I was put off after seeing Everything is Illuminated before reading it and was quite disappointed.

I think I'm going to start banning movies. They do no justice to the real thing.

I finally picked up his book Eating Animals. I would say I can't wait to finish it but I know it will stress me out a little more just like I did after reading Fast Food Nation and A Life Stripped Bare. But if we all have this understanding, things can and WILL change. So all I can do now is follow what I know and help others understand a little more on the way.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


So last August I was ask to film one of Pick a Pocket's projects in Ethiopia. Immediately I was honored and became so excited for the opportunity. Just a few days into planning, God gave me a vision of what the video would look like. I was astonished. It was beautiful. I quickly studied up on how to work my camera, how to shoot, and even got some tips from a few guys whose work I admire. They had actually just returned from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I had missed them by just weeks.

The outcome, and the best Christmas gift I could give to myself is my rendition of what God showed me. Of course, it's not exactly what I had originally envisioned, because, well, that was God's idea.

Hope you are moved :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Every year in America

we throw away 96 BILLION pounds of food.

That's 263 MILLION pounds a day.

11 MILLION pounds an hour.

3,000 pounds a second.

And yet, people in our own country are still going hungry.

A few years ago I was introduced to the idea of dumpster diving. And there was never a second I thought this concept to be absurd. I grew up in a country of abundance and as I became more aware of the world around me, I realized just how much we waste and how little others have. Dumpster diving is my chance to actually take action and not contribute to the waste that's all around me. Even if it does not directly feed someone (other than myself) on one hand, just think of how much space we could save in the landfill if we filtered through what could really be used/eaten and not have to purchase that exact same thing to pile on top of the millions of other things that could have been used. And on the other, just think of how our pockets would be a little fuller too where we could in turn give back MORE to those really in need. It's not that I think I can't afford to eat well, but God has already provided us with so much, why waste my money on something I can always get for free?

My best dumpster find to date was a few summers ago at Aldi. I found a perfectly good paper shredder. I used it for all the other waste that came to my mailbox that year I lived in Nashville. Next to my beloved paper shredder was a brand new kiddie pool in a box that looked like big foot had stepped on it. The box was pretty beat up, but inside contained a kids summer dream! And it kept my feet cool in that nasty Nashville humidity. Unfortunately they discovered our finding and started locking the dumpster gate.

The next summer my roommate and I ventured out to Trader Joe's (the best dumpster to date) and cashed in on dozens of bouquets of flowers. We loaded her trunk and headed to our neighborhood where we dispersed the flowers on all of our neighbors' cars. It was glorious. Our street looked as if a wedding or parade was coming to town. It was the night after Michael Jackdon passed away so Heather and I spread rose pedals on the ground in a big heart and sang an ode to good ole MJ.

My favorite part about the whole thing (for some reason, most people assume I am a vegetarian) is getting to explain that I am not a vegetarian, I'm a freegan. I love to think that I had coined this term, but it's been used by others for years.

Meet the Freegans from on Vimeo.

Be encouraged, you can make a difference tonight! Check out Dive the Film to find more things you can do.

Dive! Trailer from Compeller on Vimeo.

I love to share my findings and figuring out new recipes with found objects, so the next potluck you invite me to, I can't promise the food was purchased by myself :)

Friday, December 17, 2010


I've not had much time to sit an write since I've been home. I've been fortunate enough to constantly be surrounded by wonderful friends and family. Actually, I've not even had one day alone since being here. And that it quite rare for little ole INFJ me. I'm currently putting the finishing touch on my final render for my newest video project. So maybe by tomorrow all 4 of you reading this can see it :)

For now, I hope you can take a moment to watch this video and really think about the things that you want vs. the things you need. And stand up for what you believe!

I don't want to leave on a depressing note, so I will leave you with a pretty picture to look at by a great photographer Randy P. Martin

Oh, and if anyone knows of or is into video in the Nashville area and would not mind to have me as an apprentice, please contact me stephanie.eatherly[@]

and good day

Monday, December 6, 2010

Nashville Help-Portrait 2010

Thanks to amazingly compassion artist Jeremy Cowart and his wife Sharon, every year thousands of poor families have the priviledge of getting prefessional portraits taken, hair and make-up done, a warm meal, and free health screenings from local doctors. Help portrait was started a year ago and has turned into a huge international event with helpers in Germany, Canada, Mexico, the US, and probably more.

This year I got the priviledge to work along side of some of Nashville's most giving and talented photgraphers.

photo courtesy chris honiball All rights reserved

I originally went to take clothes to drop off at the donation site and to see how everything was organized. I'd heard of Help Portrait a few months ago and had wanted to help in a anyway I can. As my friends and I were leaving we asked if they needed any help. After getting fed and filled with Starbucks I started assisting one of the photographers. I ended up staying for 5 hours editing and printing photos of families, single moms, a few guys in rehab, and even Jeremy's own son and daughter. We shot, edited, and printed on the spot and could even provide the families with frames and a free shipping service! The entire experience was a chance of a life time and I'm so thankful for all those who organized these events.

I wish I had some behind the scenes shots, but I forgot my camera! Of course....

It happens every Saturday after Thanksgiving so look for us next year!