Monday, December 6, 2010

Nashville Help-Portrait 2010

Thanks to amazingly compassion artist Jeremy Cowart and his wife Sharon, every year thousands of poor families have the priviledge of getting prefessional portraits taken, hair and make-up done, a warm meal, and free health screenings from local doctors. Help portrait was started a year ago and has turned into a huge international event with helpers in Germany, Canada, Mexico, the US, and probably more.

This year I got the priviledge to work along side of some of Nashville's most giving and talented photgraphers.

photo courtesy chris honiball All rights reserved

I originally went to take clothes to drop off at the donation site and to see how everything was organized. I'd heard of Help Portrait a few months ago and had wanted to help in a anyway I can. As my friends and I were leaving we asked if they needed any help. After getting fed and filled with Starbucks I started assisting one of the photographers. I ended up staying for 5 hours editing and printing photos of families, single moms, a few guys in rehab, and even Jeremy's own son and daughter. We shot, edited, and printed on the spot and could even provide the families with frames and a free shipping service! The entire experience was a chance of a life time and I'm so thankful for all those who organized these events.

I wish I had some behind the scenes shots, but I forgot my camera! Of course....

It happens every Saturday after Thanksgiving so look for us next year!


  1. that's so cool that you got to be a part of it this year, especially with jeremy himself. that's just awesome. i wasn't able to participate this year unfortunately. it just didn't work to plan it myself and i found one in philly but couldn't find anyone to go with me. hopefully next year.

  2. unfortunately jeremy was in seattle, but i did have a good conversation with his wife!