Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I apologize for not posting anything about the tour. I've been on VACATION (!!!) the past few weeks and my tour photos and videos are still in America on a friend's computer.

But it's okay. I've been crazy inspired this past week by some of my favorite artists and finally getting around to making crafts, writing letters, collaging, and even going on a jog or two.

I'm not a big fan of posting pictures of myself, but this is my new favorite hair piece (besides Laura's headbands of course...) oh, and I bought new shampoo today. It's nice. I also recieved my first letter from a supporter (besides my mom) and just finished replying. Sara, I hope this gets to you soon...

{inspired by: Promise Tangeman }

I stumbled across my old college design class files where I was greeted with an array of vintage fotos. This one seems unfinished to me. But I'm hoping one day I can use it for something.

Collaging is definitely my most gratifying form of art. Most of my collages have meanings. Some do not. I hope you can find a story in them. If not, then you can make one up. I'd love to hear them. I once received a letter that spoke of a few of my collages and I must say, the stories were almost exact to my original intent. And that meant alot.

I'm not really sure who reads this, but I hope you are inspired a little by our great King today.

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