Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chickens, Church, and Change

It's not Africa unless you find yourself on a bus crambed full of people, starring into the eyes of an innocent chicken in the lap of the woman next to you while holding a box carried onto the bus by an elderly woman. This box probably contains her office: a jebula (Ethiopian coffee pot) perhaps, or maybe ambasha (traditional bread), or the fixings for her and her daughters Easter feast of dorrowet and injera (chicken with sauce).

Celebration, joy, and mourning are in the air as we come to the close of Christianity's most important holiday: Easter. With a bit (okay a ton) of relief there is no such thing as a sly pink Easter bunny in these parts, I rest in knowing that because of today I am saved. Easter is only about the sacrafice, pain, suffering, and redemption in the life and resurection of our Christ. It's always seemed to me (in America) that the most important day in everyone's life has sadly (no, devestatingly) turned into another day of superficial stuff without substance. I believe the more I'm away from my country, the more it sickens me to see just how much we have wrong.

It's good friday and were laying everything down at the cross...

Jesus mission was to restore us back to what we were created to be. He is the meaning of prefix: putting things back to where they once stood. Restoring returning repenting reviving.

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