Thursday, May 19, 2011

Notes from Josh

"God is giving his children all the gifts to kick butt in the spirit realm".

what do you have that you did not recieve? therefore we cannot boast about the gifts we have. scars are trophies of spiritual accomplishment. people with scars have been deeply wounded but allowed God to heal them.

God is setting us up for a journey with him. this doesn't mean was are safe from being beaten, rather we have all the gifts and abilities to pick ourselves up after we've been tread upon.

this weekend i start my journey home. moving back to america means so much more than leaving germany. in fact, i don't even feel as if i'm "leaving" as much as i am "bringing" all these things i've learned, the relationships i've gained, and the knowledge i now have with me. its a new begining, a fresh start to walk into everything God has built up inside of me. i find this time a chance to use all the gifts that have been revealed in me. i'm going to continue to help the poor. i want to continue to encourage others to help the less fourtunate because in doing so, there is a healing done inside of the giver.

but enough about me. may God's kingdom be present wherever we go. may his good work be revealed in time.

i'm on a journey. will you join me?

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