Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tonight I sit alone in the quad outside the Library. Hoola-hoopers sway and oscillate in the distance. I position myself just beneath a tree whose leaves give way to the light of a lamp post above. They called for rain tonight, so I drove to campus. Windows down, feathers blowing in the wind. Summer is almost here, love.

He sits upright after awaking from a nap on the cement slab in front of me. He picks up his cello and begins serenading me and the warm air. I didn't even notice the huge apparatus beside him until it was in his hands. Groups of people stand behind, talking within their circles. He's playing just for me. I can barely make out his face even though he sits not 5 yards from me. I forgot my glasses tonight. Everyone looks faceless, especially in this dim light. I sometimes forget I can't recognize people from a distance without them. Which is part of the reason why I am here. I was supposed to be meeting classmates in the library to study for our exam tomorrow. But the library is too big, faces too blurry. I gave up looking. I think the air wanted it that way. My subcoscious mind wanted me to stay outside. It needed the break. A break from thinking. About school, money. Most of all thinking about Pop - my grandfather - who past away just yesterday. I needed to be outdoors. Closer to creation. Away from the static and drone of everyday, work, school.

It was almost as if God planted me here at this moment. I start conversations, talk about Jesus. His Love. His power. I needed this more than anything tonight, thank you Lord. Suddenly I am serenaded by an a capella group, a group of 3 guys, singing in unison underneath the library awning. There voices are resonating across the lawn. They're singing about Kentucky Bourbon, and its beautiful. I want to get their names. I want them and cello guy to serenade me every night.

30 minutes have gone by and another guy brings out his guitar. The angels must be upon me! I think. I am hopeful. Util I hear the lyrics leaving his mouth... "Today is gonna be the day... and after allllll, you're my wonderwalllllll."

I think its my cue to leave.

This is the last photo I took of my grandfather on his 80th birthday for my photo exhibition Going Home. His shirt rightly proclaims: "The older the fiddle, The sweeter the tune".

I love you so much Pop. You are already missed. I will always remember the smile on your face when I sneak into your house and press the button to the train crossing. "Oop, Steph's here!" You'd exclaim. We'd sit at your table in your living room, eating chili, or stuffed peppers, always with sweet tea, and listen to Linda talk about our family genealogy. How our ancestors were missionaries and martyrs. You'd just look at me and smile because you knew I was being bored to death. Dangled along for her hours of recapping our family history. But I didn't mind. I just liked being with you. Thanks for letting me stop by so often the last few months.

I love you so much.... we'll be together someday soon.


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