Sunday, February 21, 2010

justice for all...

      We must pursue justice, defend the orphan, stand with the poor, stop the ruthless, and protect marginalized women! Living lives of comfort comes with responsibility: without active participation in laboring for justice, our lives are without meaning.

-Carla Brewington, Director of Harvest Emergent Relief, January 2010

I'm ready. I want to be sent. I want to DO something. But I know for now I am called to become that voice for those who otherwise would not have a voice without my help. So, how DO I help, you ask? My role here in Pick a Pocket is graphic design, web design, and photography showing the world what is happening. In our Book 30 Days (the project I've been creating the designs for with my the past year) we tell the stories, share our pictures, and invite YOU to help out.

One of my passions also include video. I got my first camera from Santa in 10th grade and have been trying to learn how to edit ever since. My new flip does the job... to an extent. I recently discovered the new Canon 7D. It takes HD video with super crisp shots at 24/fps (the rate cameras film at for the big screen). I don't know when I can, but I am determined to get this camera. I want to show the world what India, what Ethiopia, what Kenya looks like from my eyes. I mean who WOULDN'T want to see a video like this in high quality?

besides video making, i've been artsy fartsy lately :)

my newest necklace + my newest painting =

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