Friday, February 5, 2010

Africa, Water, and Hippos

This is not about Pick A Pocket, but is something that I personally support. It's called the Hippo Water Project.

Its about helping children, women, and workers getting more bang for their sweat. It helps transport larger amounts of water in an eco-friendly way. It's simple. The cavemen thought of wheels, the Hippo Project thought of round tanks small enough for kids to push to their final destinations. I just think of how much easier this would be for so many of the children I met while in Africa who get up before sunrise everyday to provide water for their families. These children, mostly orphans or are the youngest of 12 or maybe 15 other family members, have to carry heavy buckets back for their family's supply everyday. It's a grueling task that something this simple could help relief millions, even if it would just cut down 2 or 3 days of work, that's an extra day for a child to play with his friends. To sleep and get enough rest to complete his/her 8 hours of sleep.

for the rest of your day I challenge you to see how much water you use. my friends from the Karo tribe have to hike half a mile to carry back their pales, much of the time smaller than a shoebox. think of how much time and effort could be saved

just a thought and don't forget to check out their website :)

but first check out this super cute video about the Hippos produced by Peter Macomber!!!

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