Thursday, August 19, 2010

Well, hot JAZZ!

Some of his first experiences in music came from the streets of Storyville - a legal red light district of New Orleans from 1897-1917. There, Louis Armstrong hauled coal through the streets passing by bands playing in the dance halls and brothels where his mother worked as a prostitute.

His very fortunate friendship with a Jewish family afforded him the opportunities to pursue his music career early in his childhood. The Karnofskys gave Armstrong odd jobs and nurtured him as a young boy. They also taught him "how to live—real life and determination."

Through passion, fury, questioning, and hope from his past, Armstrong gathered his inspiration for his music. It was his past which set his future up for success.

His story is definitely a rare one in the hard streets of poverty and racism but through certain circumstances, Armstrong rose up and out of his situations. It is people like the Karnofskys who really make change in this world. To learn more about thier non-profit visit the website:

There is so much hope in the future generation of those under the oppression of poverty and injustice. He became one of the most influential musicians of his time and will forever bring joy to the ears and hearts of those who listen. Here's to you Louis....

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