Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sweet Home Addis Ababa

I made it safely to my favorite land of injera, coffee, and incense. It's been a rough 3 days adjusting to being in rainy, cold Africa. I researched the weather and knew it would be like this, but still I denied it, and only brought my summer clothes. Liz, please bring me socks!

Traveling in Addis is one of my favorite things. It costs a whopping 80 cents to get across town and back. I met a nice guy named Daniel today and talked about how one of the greatest needs here is for education. I agree. He showed me around his part of town as I waited for my next taxi to come. I needed an internet card and wanted to find a bookstore.

I was hesitant to follow him. Obviously.

He said, "Come, sister. Do you know the meaning of trust?"

"Well, yes."

"In trust there is no spirit of cry, only that our love grows!"

After this, I had to see what this guy was up to. He showed me the best road side books stores and helped me to find some magazines. I opted for the Exploring Our World school book. It's filled with pages about Ancient Greece, Egypt, Atlases, German tribes invading the Roman Empire, and even a short article about St. Francis of Assisi.

The last and only person to check it out from Curtis Intermediate was Rae-Lynn Kush on May 27, 1963.

I wonder where good ole' Rae-Lynn is today?


  1. RaeLynn is in Kansas City. I was a good friend of her sister Cindy, how passed away from Lupus.

  2. I first encountered the impossibly beautiful Rae-Lynn Kush when the inscrutable laws of the universe decreed that we share a seventh-grade class together at Curtis Intermediate. I, along with the entire male student population of Curtis, absolutely adored her. I'm sorry to hear that her sister passed away. I hope Rae-Lynn is happy! --Brad Hall