Saturday, October 9, 2010


This morning I'm lying here in my private East African room listening the traffic stroll by and watching the drape on my door flow in and out of the room with the wind. The sunlight reminds me of Sunday mornings as a kid lying in my parents’ bed. The sun was always hiding and appearing from behind the clouds and would brighten and dim the room for hours. I could hear the birds and that one pesky woodpecker pecking at the house trying to get through the plastic siding. You'd think after years of pecking at the same place he would get the hint and leave. But he was persistent.

After all my favorite shows like Gummy Bears and Adventures in Wonderland ended I would either rollerblade or bike up the street to my friend Audra's house. If she were home we'd bike for hours in our neighborhood. Or we'd hike behind my friend Michael’s house and break into his fort where he had posted "No Girls Allowed".

Sometimes we would meet up with my best friend Mandy and spray paint on her back lawn "East Side" because we thought stuff like that was cool.

Or we'd climb trees or get lost in the woods. Audra would always fall off a branch and get scrapped up pretty bad. But I only saw her cry once. It was the time she fell off a log passing over the creek behind my house.

I'm pretty sure she's married now. I wonder if she still hikes through woods and falls out of trees on the weekends?

I haven't seen Mandy in years, but I can almost guarantee she is vandalizing something.

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