Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Burnt The Butter

or The House Is One Fire

I just finished my favorite meal. One I've been perfecting over these past few months. Toast, cooked to perfection, with organic butter melted on top and oatmeal with flax and honey. I've gotten to proportions just right. My flatmate is perparing her chicken with goat cheese and cranberry. Something I will not be eating for awhile after reading Eating Animals. I've not come to my own conviction that honey harms bees, so I'm still indulging on my sweet honeybee treat daily.

My toasty meal reminds me of fall and my childhood. This year I will hopefully get to celebrate one of my most prized holidays (or not so much a HOLIday as an-excuse-to-see-my-cute-neices-in-their-creative-costumes-and-do-stupid-things-with-my-family-day) It's a tradition in our family. My dad usually blows something up. My neice will have the most creative costume on the block. And I get to see neighbors I rarely see anymore out and about on this special night.

Before I leave for America I get to encounter Jesus in the poor in Ethiopia. I get to walk where Paul walked after being sent by God in the book of Acts and then was martyred. I get to bring in the summer with my favorite people on earth in one of the most beautiful cities in the wolrd: ROMA.

I get to see God in a new light when Heidi Baker reeks havok on Nashville.

I get to go to the east coast to join forces with Native Americans and people guided by one Spirit to bring justice through music and art.

I hope to travel to the west coast to see a best friend and find healing in Redding.

I get to go to Florirda in September to take a break and make the summer last as long as I can.

God is good. A year ago I would not have seen myself where I am today. And it's all because His ideas and plans are SO much bigger and better than my own. I can't wait to see where He leads next :)

If you need good sounds in your life today watch listen to this, my good friends originally from Chi-town:

They make my soul SING!

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