Monday, June 27, 2011

No words.

I am speechless.

God has given me so many things I've asked for these last few months. Everything from little hopes, to great needs. And even a few things I never knew I wanted.

a pair of running shoes
a small, black travel backpack (yes, that specific)
several cups of coffee
a few free meals
a chance to meet my favorite activist
meeting one of my favorite designers
connecting with a world renowned author
a desk chair to die for
5 vintage luggage pieces
beads to last me 3 years
a free ride and ticket to my favorite summer event
a place to live
a chance to finish my degree for free
places to stay when I'm travelling
several jobs
and patience in waiting.

I know there are more, but I've had too many to remember. I never once stopped to asked twice for these things. They were mere flutters in my heart; things that, you know, might be nice. And they are nice. Oh, they are magnificent.

There is a romance in knowing that the creator knows my heart. The little things.

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  1. That last sentence was written for me to read. I can't even explain how much I needed to be reminded of that.

    (first time commenting by the way!)