Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Just use the force.

I've fully succumb to to the fact that I am - and will always be - a dork.

Tonight I visited my best friend since I can remember. Our parents' made us become friends since no one else's kids were to be caught alone wandering the streets, riding bikes, playing Sega, or getting into the spray paint after 6pm. This is the girl who, in high school, was the leader of the pack. The one who's opinion mattered. She was the captain of the basketball team. You know, that girl who's comments pierced you right in the [social] heart. And I was the girl who sought acceptance from Punky Bruster and got kicks out of watching Welcome back Kotter. But for some reason, we were insuperable. We followed each other from preschool til high school graduation.

But as life should, it fell upon us. For some reason or another we drifted apart. And for years! But tonight, something magical occurred. The realization of that spark, that recognition of something magical happened.

Mandy was in her routine - bartending and speaking of something alcoholic or drug related, as I chimed in with my never-ending-dork-references.

Mandy - "They never pay attention to me." blah blah. something about tips and liquor...

Me - [explaining to her that she CAN receive all the tips she requests if only she uses the force] - "...Oh, Sorry that was a Star Wars reference."

Mandy - "Heh, yea, I never get your Star Wars references. That's why I love you."

I know that God has a place for her in my life. I have an undying, every-resistant love for this woman. We will forever be [completely] different, but I accept that. And I will continue to love this girl with all that God has placed in me. I thank God every day for you, Amanda Lynn :)

Let's just hope there is not another Horshack in my class next semester. Yes, MTSU, he does exist :/

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