Monday, May 28, 2012

To My Fallen Homies

On days like these, there is nothing more I want to do than keep my family close. My brother keeps asking me, "Why are you here?" He's confused as to why I would choose he and the kids over my friends. It's because I've realized the importance of family... and because I have the cutest, most ridiculous nieces and nephew on the planet. When I was close to death in Kenya (that story for another day) all I wanted to do was to see my niece one last time. I wanted to make her laugh while doing my silly dances in the kitchen as we baked cupcakes together.

Friends can always walk away, but family is forever yours. Don't miss your chance. Seriously, I don't care how cheesy that sounds. When was the last time you told your momma you loved her? When was the last time you gave your dad any time of day. They aren't here forever.

In memory of one of the most genuine souls, my7th grade crush, great friend, and all around amazing man. Daniel, you are forever missed.


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