Monday, April 12, 2010

On the road

Sooooo we finally got out of Herrnhut! We left this past Friday and have been hanging out in south Germany. Saturday we went to Balinger Rock Festival where we set up our booth, danced all night, met tons of youth, and talked to musicians.

Peter and I lucked out and got backstage press passes for the night. We strolled on past the stage and into the VIP area where a smorgasbord was setup for us to enjoy for the night. I was so excited to sit down and speak with the MC, Boppi, from the Netherlands. He was a funny guy. He is a sort of a road pastor who speaks at different conferences and hosts the Balinger Fest every year (more of him in my video).

Peter and I searched the back rooms for bands hanging out who could sit down with us for a short interview. Most of them were pretty laid back and joked around with us as we had coffee and cake.

Originally I wasn't that excited to go to another Christian Music Festival until I realized Holding on To Hope would be there. We were able to get an interview with the guys and talked about their music and their relationship with Christ on the road. They are a part of Come & Live! a ministry for musicians. Cory, the lead singer, has such a passion for his music to speak to others about the life Christ can give us. I was so excited we got some footage and I could hang out with people who knew tons of my friends back home!

We also got to chat a while with some of the guys from Kids in the Way. We talked with Wille for probably over an hour about this generation and ideas on how we really can end extreme poverty. It was a relief to hear that others really do think about stuff like this.

Peter will be editing the interview this summer and we hope to get the video out to the public by this fall.

The event as a whole was a great experience for our team. We had dozens of conversations with other youth about what their ideas of missions looks like, how they can fight extreme poverty at home, and we were able to connect with other musicians who can help us out on the road in the future.

Thanks for such a great night Balinger!!!!

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