Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kelsey//PP Crew Posse #3

Kelsey is a roomate, a friend, a lover of unicorns, an artist, and an inspiration on so many levels

SE// What is your favorite part about being in PP?

K+ My favorite part about being in PP is the communal understanding that dance parties are a necessary part of a well-rounded day. Really though, life doesn't get much better than living all of your dreams in an exotic country with a group of people you adore. I'm encouraged daily that I can use ARTZ n' CRAFTZ to save the world and no one tells me I need to wear a business suit or ...ever.

SE// Why PP? Why not a PAYING job?

K+ The way I see it, PP pays me with good feelings. Ya know, the kind of feeling that I am being exactly who I was created to be. Although it would be nice to have some kind of legit monetary income, there's so much more to life than that and following money just isn't where it's at for me. I'm paid every day with most excellent adventures and a most excellent posse to share them with, aww.

SE// Favorite place traveled/why?

K+ My favorite place I've traveled would have to be Bardia, Nepal. Despite the electrocution and the near drowning experience, we got to ride elephants through the jungle and camp along a river-bed while rhinos loomed in the near distance. We were able to experience some of the world's most remote people groups and see what life is like on the other side of the Prime Meridian, definitely a solid adventure.

SE// People who inspire you (artists, authors, musicians, etc)

K+ Honestly, my friends coughStephanieEatherlycough are the most talented and inspiring people I can think of. Although my list of artists I am inspired by is ever changing, I'm currently awed by WIlliam Klein's unconventional approach to fashion photography, Anthony Burgess' obscure vocabulary and writing style,the audio fairy-tale vibe of "The Strangers" by St. Vincent, and nature...in general.

SE// Finally, 1 or 2 random/fun facts? Anything you want to tell the world?

K+ eek I don't know what to write here

SE// blog, facebook, twitter, email, flickr info

K+ facebook.com/kelsey.sloop

some of her wok:

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