Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Art and India

For months I've planning to return to India to create a short documentary for a good friend Vera. Born and raised in Mumbai, she found out about Kamathipura (the largest red light district in East Asia) through a friend of mine with she was studying in America. Appalled, she returned to India and started a children's home for 9 girls whose mothers are/where prostitutes. Some of which have since past from AIDS.

Vera and her team want to open a second-hand shop for the mothers and older girls. The shop would be training grounds for further careers in tailoring, jewelry making, painting, accounting, and will also host home to discipleship. The shop will be a safe place the women can escape to in their realities of life. I also hope to get the film translated into Hindi. It will be taken to Universities around Mumbai to show the locals the horrors of what is happening in their own city - since the work is shunned, the city seldom mentions the horrific things that take place throughout the winding ally-ways .

If you are on the eastside, you can stop by Bongo Java. My work is now showing the entire month of January on 11th S and Woodland.

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