Friday, March 5, 2010

30 DAYS Challenge success!

We've raised over 300 Euro so far with our 30 Days Challenge! Last night was our first event on our German tour and we had a HUGE turnout (we'll it helps when you have a show at a huge castle where over 30 people live-but that's besides the point). A few of the pictures above are people who have done or are committed to doing 30 Days. Every single member of Pick a Pocket MUST do 30 Days as well. Over half the pictures are of my beautiful team members:)

We're working on showing this generation what it is like to live a little closer to poverty. For 30 days we challenge you not to pay for you own food, but rely on others to feed you (just like most of the world's poor does on a daily basis). After the 30 days you donate the money you WOULD HAVE spent on food and donate it directly to our projects. These projects include: Drawn From Water, Rahab Cafe, Garbage City, El Roi School, Rahab Second-hand shop, JK Girl's home, Mumbai Street Kids Ministry, Adoption Ministry of YWAM Ethiopia, Nepal Water Project, and Chittiwan Children's Home. It's so cool to see all these projects listed. I think it's the first time I've ever written them out :)

I hope you guys can join in on tour as we share more about these projects and show how YOU can do your 30 days! For more info send me a shout...

More pictures of last nights show including TRASHY HAIRCUTS coming soon!!!

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