Saturday, March 13, 2010

DIY FFFound objects.

Today I cleaned my room spring cleaning style for the first time in months. It was about a 5 hour effort but soooo worth it. On my trip to an abandoned factory a few days ago with a good friend (and SUPER talented photographer) Irish, we found a few rolls of vintage wallpaper that I want to use for my collages. My biggest struggle in cleaning my room is mine and my roomates lack of storage. We move constanly and practically live out of out luggage months at a time, so neither of us want to invest in too much "stuff" to keep in our rooms. It's the little things like magazines, notes, books, and letters that you want to keep, but we have trouble finding places to put them. I looked around my apartment and came up with a solution.

I will spare you the before pictures (since I would be pretty embarrassed for anyone to come across those) and show you the SUPER easy steps of making a cute, cheap storage units...

the finished prodect. VoilĂ !

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