Friday, March 26, 2010

A few exerts from the book...

    "Salem is 16-years-old. Her aunt expects her to work in the garbage and contribute to the rent. Her mother died when Salem was eight-years-old. Her dad is an alcoholic and is now married to another woman. When we asked her about her hopes and dreams for the future, she answered after a long pause, “My only dream is to survive!”

    Salem on our second visit to the trash:

    Subalew is 16-years-old as well. She left her home because there was not enough money to feed the whole family. When she was eight-years-old she left her shanty. From time to time she visits her parents and her brother. Since she arrived here she has never left the garbage dump except for a few times when she went onto the loading area of a garbage truck. We asked her why she had not left already. “I wanted to a few time but I was ashamed because I have no money and somehow I do not fit into the world outside the dump. Here I feel safe and at home.” She says life in the dump “is very cold here and it is hard; but, I have no other choice. The most important thing for me is family, that we are for one another here where we can be there for one another...

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