Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March featured Pick a Pocket crew member!

Meet Tiana!

SE//What is your favorite part about being in PP?

T + My favorite part is that I feel as if I'm living my dream. I have always wanted to do something like this, and I used to think it wasn't possible. But it seems like everything I am passionate about and love is combined into what Pick A Pocket is. It's a dream come true, honestly. I love it! And the people are amazing, as well. They make it easy.

SE//Why PP? Why not a PAYING job?

T + This is such a hard question. But if I don't get paid to do what I do, I am completely fine with that because I love what I do so much. I'd much prefer not getting paid in exchange for doing something I love, rather than getting paid to do something that I didn't feel fulfilled in doing.

SE// Favorite place traveled/why?

T + My favorite place is most definitely Afghanistan. I fell in love with it. Everything is so beautiful. The land, the people, the culture. I want to live there again someday. I love London as well. The love the eclectic and diverse atmosphere.

SE//People who inspire you (artists, authors, musicians, etc)

T + Music, film, and literature inspire me the most. But I guess to be more specific, my favorite band Shai Hulud is one of my biggest inspirations. Post Rock/Instrumental music, such as Yndi Halda, This Will Destroy You, and Caspian. Wes Anderson, Darren Aronofsky, David Sedaris, Mark Z. Danielewski, and Jonathan Safran Foer for filmmakers and authors. The list goes on!

SE//Finally, 1 or 2 random/fun facts?

T + I have weird obsessions with fonts and clouds. Also, I love kite flying after being able to do it while in Afghanistan.

Tiana would love to hear from you! You can also check out her blog:
Email: tianablas[at]

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