Saturday, November 7, 2009

India [a photo essay] - Day 5

We finally got the chance to hang out with all the women. Vera invited a huge group to meet us at the mall for a big late lunch. We were expecting about 5 but as we waited we realized more and more were coming. I think the total ended up to be about 20 of us. The restaurant was super fancy. Only the best for these woman I thought. The waiters seated us in the huge chair fit for a king, then poured our water for us. They brought us this weird green concoction with what looked like eggs in it. It looked like green bubble tea but with spices in it. We all looked around hoping someone would know what it was. I dared one of the ladies in front of me to try some but she wasn't brave enough. I took a sip and tasted not at all what I expected to taste. It was super spicy and the "eggs" where bread crumbs I think. A few of the women followed my dare, but no one took more than a sip.

After sitting in awkward silence for what seemed like eternity, the food came. And kept coming. We all had one HUGE plated full of chipati, crunchy tortillas, spicy okra, dal, tons of chicken, and of course rice. The plate was more like a serving tray full of spicy food... all for about $2.50.

By the end of the meal we were anxious to hear if any of the women would allow us to come to their homes. One in particular (we'll call her Anni for identity sake) wanted all the girls to come back to hang out. But that wouldn't be suck a wise idea, so we decided that 2 coming over the next day would be better.

Melody and I were excited. This was pretty much what we came here for. Anni invited us to go to the beach and see a few sights throughout the city.

It was a good meal.

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